VAT/Sales tax names around the world

In majority countries sales tax is called Value-Added Tax (VAT). The second most popular name is Goods and Services Tax (GST). But there are 10s other different names. Here is a list how sales taxes are named in different countries around the world.

Abbreviation NameCountries
CTConsumption taxJapan
CTCommercial TaxMyanmar
GBRTGross Business Receipts TaxTaiwan
GETGeneral Expenditure TaxBonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba
GSTGoods and Services TaxAustralia, Canada, India, Jersey, Jordan, Malaysia, Maldives, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Singapore,
HSTHarmonized Services TaxCanada
ITBISTax on the Transfer of Industrialized Goods and ServicesDominican Republic
RTRevenue TaxSint Maarten, Aruba
STSales TaxPakistan, United States
SUTSales and Use TaxPuerto Rico
TGSTTourism Goods and Services TaxMaldives
TOTTurnover TaxCuraçao, Suriname
VATValue-Added Taxall other countries

In Brazil they have unique names for taxes they collect. Here is separate list of sales tax names in Brazil:

ICMSState Value-Added Tax
IPIFederal Value-Added Tax
ISSMunicipal Service Tax
PIS-PASEP, COFINSFederal Gross Receipt Contributions

Japan increased consumption tax (VAT) from 1st of October 2019

Japan Consumption Tax Calculator

From 1st of October, 2019 Japan increased Consumption Tax from 8% to 10%. It was long delayed tax rise and was postponed couple times already.

The new Consumption Tax applied for most goods and services. But there are some exemptions like food and regular newspapers. Reduced consumption tax of 8 percent will be used for exempt goods and services.

Our Japanese VAT calculator is updated with the latest changes and calculate both – regular and reduced CT.