Maltese VAT calculator

Welcome to free online Maltese VAT calculator. It can be used as well as reverse VAT calculator to calculate VAT values in Malta.

What is VAT rate in Malta?

Current VAT rate in Malta is 18% for most goods and services. There is reduced VAT rate (7%) and super reduced VAT rate (5%) for some goods and services.

VAT exemptions in Malta

Zero VAT rate applies to:

  • Supplies of food products for human consumption, except for supplies of pre-cooked dishes and certain highly processed products, such as ice-cream, chocolates, manufactured beverages or beverages subject to excise duty, and pet foods
  • Supplies of seeds or other means of propagation of plants classified under the above paragraph
  • Supplies of live animals of a type generally used as, or yielding or producing, food for human consumption
  • Supplies of pharmaceuticals, medicines only where prescribed

Value Added Tax in Maltese

Value Added Tax in Maltese is Taxxa fuq il-Valur Miżjud and abbreviation is VAT.

Maltese Value Added Tax history

Year Reduced rate Standard VAT
1995 5% 15%
1999 5% 15%
2004 5% 18%
2011 5% | 7% 18%

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  1. G’morning.
    I had a bill from my vet.I have 2go pay full amount 2DAY. But on 1 paper reciept says total is 296.04 even on the other copy.
    But I think there’s a mistake since the prices don’t match,but the total does.
    On the bottom next to total it says,TAX BREAKDOWN 18% VAT INCL 39.13 + 7.04=46.17
    REDUCED 5%=25.04
    FROM 224.83 TOTAL ADDS UP TO 296.04.

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